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What is CPD Endorsed?

CPD Endorsed is a dynamic platform dedicated to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), encompassing the creation and endorsement of CPD activities, recognition of outstanding trainers, and empowerment of employers committed to their employees’ professional growth. Our comprehensive endorsement services cover a wide array of CPD activities across various fields.

CPD Endorsed leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate CPD activities from scratch using its AI-backed portal, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in the endorsement process. This ultimately enhances the value and impact of CPD activities.

At CPD Endorsed, we are committed to elevating standards of continuous learning by recognising and fostering professional growth across diverse industries. Join us as we embark on a journey of continuous learning and advancement.

Our Services

Our wide range of services can be categorised into three following distinct Strategic Business Units

CPD Endorsement

CPD endorsement is the service of endorsing a range of CPD activities such as seminars, professional workshops, conferences, events, short courses, and staff training for both internal staff and external attendees. We ensure that endorsed activities meet our approval criteria and industry standards, maintaining our commitment to ongoing learning. We offer three modules for CPD submission on the CPDE Hub:

  • Upload pre-developed CPD meeting our criteria
  • Develop CPD using our manual portal
  • Utilise AI technology in CPD generation

To get your CPD activities endorsed, register as a training provider with us.

Trainers’ Guild

Trainers’ Guild is an esteemed recognition programme designed to empower trainers, mentors and instructors with expertise in skills development through CPD activities. Our endorsement signifies the excellence demonstrated by professional trainers across various sectors. Whether you are an independent trainer or part of an organisation, the Trainers’ Guild acknowledges your dedication to delivering top-notch training services. Upon meeting the qualifying criteria outlined in the Trainers’ Guild Framework, you will be recognised as an Associate Trainer, Fellow Trainer, or Senior Fellow Trainer.

SkillsForge Programme

The SkillsForge Programme is an initiative to foster and recognise a community of employers dedicated to nurturing the continuous growth of their employees. Membership levels, which are Silver, Gold, or Platinum, are conferred upon the employers following an assessment of their contributions, support, and engagement in the professional development of their staff members. By successfully meeting the qualifying criteria outlined in the SkillsForge Programme Framework, employers can earn recognition for their commitment to employee growth and development.

Why work with

CPD Endorsed?

Renowned Status and Prestige

You will be recognised as a CPD Endorsed member and provided with a personalised recognition number.


We will give free exposure to CPD Endorsed members in our newsletter and social media posts.

Search Engine Optimisation

You will be able to enhance your online visibility by driving more organic traffic to your website and boosting your reach for opportunities.


You will get competent customer services to help you anytime during your experience.

Best Value

You will get more affordable prices than most CPD endorsers all over the UK, as our prices are reviewed often to ensure the best value.


You will get networking opportunities with exceptional trainers and employers to foster professional growth and collaboration.


CPD Endorsed Register

A networking platform that facilitates connections among individuals or organisations within the same industry or those who share common interests

The approved Training Providers, Trainers, and Employers as well as the endorsed CPDs, are promptly added to the respective registers. This inclusion allows them to share essential knowledge, updates, or news within their respective communities or industries. Individuals and organisations can utilise these registers to discover required CPDs, potential collaborators, partners, or employees.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Continuing Professional Development serves as a vital tool for lifelong learning and career advancement. It helps educators and professionals stay current with the industry changes and improve performance, ensuring they are always ready to tackle new challenges, adapt to innovation, and inspire the next generation with updated perspectives and cutting-edge expertise.


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What our Clients Say


Initially, as a CPD Endorsed Platinum Employer, we expanded to become a training provider, seeking endorsements for our in-house CPD activities. Their AI-assisted module streamlines development, enhancing credibility. Working with them has been delightful.

Alfie Horden

CPD Endorsed rigorously evaluates CPD activities. Endorsement of activities boosts their credibility and quality. Being a recognised training provider expands my networks, attracts more clients, and enhances my business prospects.

Lena Marshal

As a CPD Endorsed recognised trainer, I have gained access to exclusive networking opportunities, cutting-edge resources, and a community of like-minded professionals committed to expanding the boundaries of our industry. Thanks to CPD.

Genelia Joshua

The SkillsForge Programme by CPD Endorsed has revolutionised my role as an employer. It's not just about recognition; it's about adapting to industry trends and enhancing our employees' skills. With CPD Endorsed, we access diverse training providers for our CPD needs.

Eduard James

Every activity we produce is endorsed by CPD Endorsed, and we use the CPD Endorsed seal on the certificates as validation that all our activities are quality-assured by CPD Endorsed and that they meet industry requirements.

Sarah Baker